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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Al Fresco Dining

One of the things I particularly enjoy about the weather here in San Diego is that it allows you to eat outside for most meals, if you so choose, and for most of the year. The heat lamp business must be thriving in California, as just about all restaurants that have any outdoor seating have them, so even on chilly winter nights it is possible to dine outside (we use ours at home from November to around March). It often reminds me of Europe (e.g., Paris, Venice, Rome, Florence) where residents enjoy meals and people watching as much as possible year-round in the many cafes, restaurants, trattorias and bistrots along the streets and in the piazzas. (The photo at the left was taken from an on-line listing for George's at the Cove in La Jolla)

There are lots of restaurants here that take advantage of the weather, and the views - lagoons, ocean, sunsets or simply town and city life. I certainly can't tell you how many places offer the pleasures of outdoor dining but there are lots! I previously mentioned a couple of favorite restaurants in "Things to do in San Diego Part 1"- Le Passage in Carlsbad Village has a charming back patio; Indigo Grill in Little Italy provides outdoor seating at its street corner location to watch the city go by. There is a great on-line Guide to the Good Life ( that lists many outdoor dining options.

Outdoor kitchens are also popular here and becoming more in demand, especially in higher end homes. You don't find too many properties where there isn't evidence of outdoor cooking and dining, and elaborate gas grills, refrigerators, sinks, storage cabinets, bars and huge counters are pretty common. Barbecues Galore is one store in the area that caters to those with a fondness for dining al fresco; Home Depot also offers a large selection of furniture, grills and other accessories for enjoying outdoor meals, and Simply Outdoors specializes in pre-engineered modular outdoor kitchen spaces so you can build your own. I have seen kitchens about as elaborate as one sees inside at some properties, including high-end furniture, plasma TVs with surround sound, complex stereo systems, dramatic lighting, fireplaces and wood-burning ovens, and more. The separation of indoor and outdoor living is becoming much more cloudy (not a pun on the weather).

And if you just don't feel like cooking in your outdoor kitchen, contact Mobile Waiter - there are 250+ restaurants in the San Diego area that will deliver meals to your home. Or for a more luxurious treat, try one of the Personal Chef services where cooking will be done for you at your home...sort of your own personal restaurant!


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I love your description of the lifestyle in San Diego. No wonder you are so good at selling homes! You are totally tempting!

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