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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Feng Shui Fall Update: Autumn The Season of Decline


I have received numerous calls and emails from clients and real estate agents regarding the recent San Diego fires. I wanted to devote this Update to providing you with some insight on the symbolism and significance of Fire as seen from the perspective of Feng Shui.

Most people associate the element of Fire with destruction. However, Fire actually pertains to purification, which is why it is frequently used in blessing ceremonies and consecrations. There is a widely held belief that when Mother Nature becomes sick or out-of-balance (due to either natural or man-made conditions), she will find a way to heal herself---in this case, purifying the Earth through Fire, with the assistance of Wood. Sadly, it is an unfortunate and, often, unavoidable consequence that humans have become a part of the equation as we have encroached upon nature through development.
As some of you may know, I live in the Del Dios area of Rancho Santa Fe, so we were in the direct path of the Fire. Like many residents, we were evacuated for the week, waiting to hear if our house would still be standing upon our return. One question in particular kept entering my mind during that time period, "Does creating and maintaining a healthy (high vibration) energy environment within your home/land, assist in preventing Mother Nature's purification process?"

For years I have been conducting environmental clearings on my home and land, you might recognize these techniques as "Space Clearings" and "Geopathic Stress detection." I have cleared several lines of GS from my home . . . The lines were running Northwest to Southeast (or, from one side of the house to the other), rather than from the front of the house to the back, or the back of the house to the front. Upon returning home, we noticed that our house, and the houses to both sides of us, had all survived the fire, several houses/structures in front of us and behind us had not been so lucky. Is this coincidence? Are fires really that random, or is there more to energy clearings/environmental healings than meets the eye?

Following the Cedar Fires in 2003 I contacted several of my clients who live in the Scripps Ranch area. A recurring pattern I noticed while working in that area of San Diego was the presence of multiple lines of Geopathic Stress in many of the homes . . . Not one or two lines, but upwards to six or eight lines per household. I'm happy to report that my clients/students (who had done the energy work themselves or who hired me to do it for them), also had homes that survived the fires. While I realize that this is limited in terms of field research, I continue to be intrigued, and I would be interested to know your related experiences, if any.

Most of the Feng Shui Masters I know would say, "There are no coincidences . . ." but I'll leave that up to you. During the week that followed the fires, firefighters continued to patrol our neighborhood. I had the opportunity to speak to several of them regarding the events that had taken place. The response I received was simple, "We were due." Like the ancient Shamans, Geomancers and FS Masters from thousands of years ago who studied nature and the patterns of the Universe, I was informed that fires are also cyclical . . . Depending upon the region, climate and terrain, it is predicted that most areas will encounter a fire every twenty to fifty years. These fires are seen as nature's way of "clearing out" areas, and this decline makes the needed renewal and rebirth possible. I wasn't surprised that this theory echos the larger Universal cycle of energy: Winter = renewal, Spring = rebirth/growth, Summer = peak, early Autumn = fluctuation, late Fall = decline, back to renewal. Understanding this pattern (even if it's in a non-Feng Shui manner) is what enables safety officials to monitor which areas are most vulnerable in the unforeseen future (or, "who's due"). Unfortunately, Santa Ana winds can be less predictable.

Here are some things you can do to honor your home, property and listings:

1. Look for symptoms of Geopathic Stress. (I can send you an article if you're unfamiliar with GS.)

2. Eliminate clutter and debris inside and outside of your home. (Just because you can't see stagnant energy doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Stagnant energy suffocates health, flowing Ch'i and ripples out and infects other areas.)

3. Be respectful of nature when you dispose of items such as pool chemicals, paints, solvents, cleaning and car washing solutions.

4. Consider the benefits of an organic garden as opposed to adding more pesticides and fertilizers to the earth.

5. Invite nature into your home by incorporating bird baths, bird feeders, humming bird feeders, or plants and flowers that attract butterflies, dragon flies, lady bugs, etc. (Note: if there is an absence of wildlife in your area, this could be telling you something. Animals are innately attracted to healthy energy, and will often avoid areas with unhealthy energy.)

6. No matter what condition your home is currently in, love and appreciate it for what it is. Thank your home verbally and energetically---through space clearings. Take heated or intense conversations outside (i.e., a long walk on the beach), as a way of keeping the energy within your home at a higher vibration.

Crisis As Opportunity: The Chinese symbol (calligraphy) for the word "crisis" is the same as the symbol for "opportunity." It is seen as an invitation to create something favorable out of an unfavorable occurrence. A fire (whether you are directly or indirectly affected) can be seen as an opportunity for a spiritual and structural renovation of your home.

If you or any of your clients were directly affected by the fires and are in need of organizing, blessing/environmental clearings, color, design or Feng Shui services, please contact me. I know that rebuilding, regrouping, and reemerging can be an overwhelming process and I would be happy to extend you a special rate.

Wishing you many blessings,

Feng Shui Resource

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007 (6:00 - 9:00 p.m.)
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