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Friday, September 01, 2006

Weather and Schools in San Diego

As we head into the last holiday weekend of the summer, it occurred to me that one of the things I continue to enjoy out here is the weather. Yes, I know that is true for probably most people here, but for someone from a city like Boston with the unpredictablility of the weather, the consistency here is a vast improvement. The holiday brings to mind something we heard from one of our neighbors when we moved here, and that is that you can plan your holiday (or weekend) barbecues and other events without fear that it will be rained out or the weather will turn too cold to be outside. This is not the case in Boston, and in fact more times than not at least one of the summer holidays would be ruined by a weekend coldfront and/or monsoon. We hosted, or attended, many events on the 4th or Labor Day which ended up indoors due to the inconsistent weather (and, mind you, it was not always predicted accurately by the meteorologists - nuff said about that!!).

This holiday also, in the past, signified the real end of summer for kids, since most everyone used to start back the day after Labor Day, or shortly thereafter. That, of course, has changed and most schools are now already in full swing (and in some cases have been for a couple of weeks) by the time Labor Day arrives. It does seem that out here there is even a broader range of start dates for schools than back in the Boston area.

Since we are talking about schools, another big difference I have noticed is that the school district may cut across town lines in many areas (for example, some of the kids in Carlsbad go to San Marcos schools and others do not), and the boundaries of the districts (and the schools your child will go to based on your address) change more frequently. These changes seem to be due to all the new housing development, and new schools being built, among other reasons. I always recommend to buyers that they check with the local school district to confirm where their kids will be going, especially if this is a big issue, which it generally is for buyers. And as we all know the popularity and reputations of the schools tie into the supply and demand issues of housing and the relative values among different school districts. The better the schools, the higher the prices in general.

Here are a few links to area public school districts:
Carlsbad Unified School District
San Dieguito Union High School District
Rancho Santa Fe School District
Oceanside Unified School District
Del Mar Union School District
Solana Beach School District
San Marcos Unified School District

Hope you have a great holiday weekend!



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