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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Neighborhoods in San Diego

One of the things I have grown to like about San Diego are the neighborhoods - not so much downtown (since I am not really familiar with it) but more so the area near where I live in Carlsbad. I will share some thoughts on different neighborhoods going forward, but I first wanted to share a few observations from my experiences back East.

Boston is known as a city with distinct neighborhoods (Beacon Hill, South Boston, the South End, Back Bay, Chinatown), like New York, and as you walk from one to the next you notice that each has a unique feel - some are ethnically based while others are not - but each one is different, and appeals to people for various reasons, with distinct architectural styles, restaurants, artisanal shops, churches and people. San Diego, as a much newer city, does not have the history of the New York and Boston neighborhoods, and one might argue, due to the rapid growth of tract housing and gated and master-planned communities like San Elijo Hills throughout Southern California, that San Diego lacks unique neighborhoods. However, while unlike communities back East, I would argue that you can find such areas even within the urban sprawl that characterizes the West Coast. And, I suspect, you would hear the same from people who live in these neighborhoods. The other interesting thing that is so different here is that the surfing culture and its history have a strong presence in a number of San Diego communities (such as Leucadia and Cardiff-be-the-Sea), giving these areas a distinct feel to them that remains despite the continued growth along the coast.

Do you have a favorite neighborhood or area you would like to share? I'd love to hear about it.


Anonymous Brian Brady said...

San Diego has many distinctive neighborhoods; it's North County that doesn't really have them.

Little Italy is..well...Little Italy. The Portuguese setled in Point Loma and left a distinctive mark.

North Park, East Village, Linda Vista, and Bay ark are just a few more urban enclaves. I think you'll find that hey will become more distinctive as dowtown develops.

10:19 PM  

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