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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Barefoot in the Park

I'm not going to talk about the movie (and there was a TV show by this name, too...). This is personal.

I love going barefoot. It's one of the things I truly love about summer weather. I'm not sure why, but being barefoot has been something I have enjoyed for many years - indoors and out. Of course in Boston you are a bit more limited as to good barefoot time, as compared to being here in San Diego. While I have not sat down to figure it out, my guess is my barefoot time has increased to about 90% of the time. I do wear shows to go to the gym, and when I am out showing homes to clients (or doing other real estate stuff), but otherwise my feet are, for the most part bare.

With the winter here, I have started wearing socks on occasion, since my feet get pretty cold. And I have developed a reputation with my neighbors, who know me as being fond of going without shoes. In fact, I am helping our next door neighbor's son find a new home and took him (and his parents) out the other day to look at houses. I was good - I wore shoes - and didn't they comment about it, jokingly, of course.

Because of my fondness for warm weather, my wife and I, while living in Boston, took a winter trip to St. Martin every year. I was in my glory - once I get to the hotel I took my shoes off and hardly ever wear them the entire week. There are restaurants on the beach so no shoes are needed - ever. When we go to Grand Case (THE town for foodies in St. Martin) I wear shoes but that's the only time.

Needless to say I am very happy with the weather here. And it was 79 today - I enjoyed the spool twice! It just doesn't get much better.
Maybe I need to market myself as the Barefoot Realtor! Hmmm....

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