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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

More on the San Diego Rep Theatre

Well, it wasn't a Holiday show, but my wife and went to another great San Diego Rep Theatre production as part of our season tickets. The show was "Hank Williams: Lost Highway".

I have to admit that I am not particularly a Hank Williams' fan. I know a bit about his popularity in the early 20th Century and his brief stint as part of the Grand Old Opry. His singing style is pretty unique, if you know his music, and I was certainly aware of a few of his more famous songs.

In any case, the musical was really well done. It is biographical, and the fellow who played Hank did an excellent job on his music and style. It is a funny, poignant show which captures very well the hardships endured by Hank Williams ultimately leading to his early death at age 29, a fate that has, unfortunately, befallen so many well-known singers (Janis Joplin, Sly Stone to name only a few).


Anonymous Friendly Vegan said...

Hello fellow Lebkuchen lover!

I wish I'd taken a look at your blog sooner. I would have been the winner because I would have guessed correctly!! HA!

The friendly vegan

Too bad the cookies aren't vegan...

7:15 AM  
Blogger Jeff Dowler said...

Thanks for visiting AND for your comment. Fun to see someone else who likes these cookies. If we used soy instead of butter, and did something about the egges (a substitute) and the buttermilk we would be vegan. Hmmmm. We've made many recipes vegan so perhaps this one could be next. Not sure I want to break the tradition.


8:03 AM  

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