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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Weather Here Can Be Strange

The weather here can be strange, but I still really like it. Guess I'm still adjusting from the weather we used to get back in Boston.

Yesterday for example. I had to go to a meeting in Carmel Valley. It wasn't raining where I live in Carlsbad nor did it look like it was going to, but I ran into wet roads in Del Mar (no rain, but the drivers were still acting like we were in the midst of a typical).

Then I had to run to San Marcos to show some properties after lunch, where it was sunny and clear. On the way back to Carlsbad I ran into the tail end of a shower but nothing to brag about, but got home and my wife said it had been pouring rain for 15 minutes, then suddenly stopped. This sort of thing seems to happen regularly (well, when we get rain, which is rare). While it was odd, the nice thing is that we did not have an entire gray day of rain (or week of rain) as it used to do so often in Boston.

And despite this, I sure am glad to be here, and not back there, or in the mid west...or worse, upstate NY where they have had more than 9 feet of snow in the last week or so in some areas.

Yep the weather here can be strange but I sure enjoy it. And today, Valentine's Day, is barefoot weather. I love it!

Last week we had a gorgeous sunrise one morning - see the pic above that I took from my backyard.
And then the next day the view was completely different (see on the right). And people back east say - don't you get tired of the same nice weather all the time in Southern California?
Nope, I sure don't.

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