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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Upcoming Feng Shui Class at Mira Costa College

Fine Tune Your Feng Shui
Greetings from Kathryn Holt!

Just a quick reminder that the "Fine Tune Your Feng Shui" class begins next week. This is a great class for refreshing the energy within your home. It's also a useful class for Real Estate professionals who may be in need of some helpful tips for their slow-moving listings. The class will be held at MiraCosta College (Cardiff Campus), for three consecutive Monday evenings: March 12, 19 & 26th. (6:00 p.m. - 8:45 p.m.) I only teach this class a couple of times a year, so this could be a good opportunity . . .
Most people associate the practice of Feng Shui with "placement" . . . the placement of cures and enhancements (plants, mirrors, crystals, and wind chimes), furniture, and so on. What many don't realize is, Feng Shui is also about the removal of items within an environment. Afterall, it doesn't make sense to activate or enhance energy that isn't healthy. Removing unhealthy energy from your home provides an excellent starting point and it will assist you in getting the best overall results.

Energy awareness and clearing work is essential to creating a truly supportive and healthy home/listing. (A house that not only looks beautiful, but that also feels beautiful.) Topics will include the detection and removal of:
  • Blocked or stagnant energy
  • Any residual energy (known as "predecessor chi") and basic space clearing techniques
  • Geopathic stress and electromagnetic fields

I'll also be sharing some advanced Feng Shui tips for the year ahead (the 2007 L'o Sh'o)

Price: $43

This is a fun, informative and very empowering class. Space is limited, so please register now by calling MiraCosta at: 760.795.6820

Wishing you abundant good fortune, Kathryn

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