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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Feng Shui Basics: Quick Tips for Spring


If you've been waiting for new opportunities to come your way, but things have been slow-moving, you might appreciate the Feng Shui tips below.

  1. Remember, your doors and windows feed healthy energy (known as Ch'i) into your home. Make sure that ALL of the entrances into your house are uncluttered and inviting and that the (surrounding) symbolism is a reflection of what you would like to attract. This applies to the inside, too . . . Avoid having furniture that blocks doors or sliders, or items that are stored behind doors. It blocks opportunities from entering your life.
  2. Position outside seating, statuary and water features so they are directing energy into, rather than away from, your home. We want your good luck coming in, not going out.
  3. This is a great time of year to wash the interior/exterior of your windows (for more clarity and vision in life), and to check all of your light bulbs to see what needs replacing. This will bring extra illumination and exposure to your hard work and endeavors.

And, as I always say, the best way to attract good fortune in, is to put good energy out there . . . So give a compliment, offer a donation, or surprise someone with a random act of kindness to keep the Ch'i flowing.


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If you've been feeling stuck when it comes to uncluttering . . . ask us about our organizing services and rates. Afterall, it's the perfect time to create space for new opportunities to come in.

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