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Sunday, April 29, 2007

J'Aime M'Aimer (I love this store)

What? Don’t speak French? It means “I Love M’Aimer”...

M’Aimer (“Love Me”)being a new fashion designs (clothing), art and accessories shop in Leucadia on the 101, next to Le Papagayo, my favorite Leucadia restaurant.

M’Aimer is about a month old and is the brainchild of Nadia Vetter from Australia (who lives in Leucadia). We were having brunch today at Le Papagayo (more on that later) and my wife decided to go take a look. I am not a big shopper but joined her (after I paid the bill!). What a neat store! Cleverly and attractively decorated, with a wide array of women’s clothing (another reason for the appeal to my wife…less for me), accessories and art objects. Much of the clothing is from Thailand and India, in bright colors and comfortable fabrics, and according to my wife and daughter (who joined us for brunch and shopping) the prices are very reasonable.

This is the kind of store you want to see be successful (and KNOW will be) and it works in Leucadia. Not one for fancy, trendy high-end boutiques and designer labels, Leucadia is much more about a funky, quaint beach town which has a good flow of tourists. The community is one that wants to retain the spirit and feel that it has had for years and which attracts, and appeals to, the people who live here.. Shops that fit in will be welcome, but those that do not, will not.

So check it out when you are in the area. It’s about midway between Leucadia Boulevard and La Costa Avenue on the beach side of the 101. I have yet to meet the owner, but hope to some day so I can tell you more about her and the personality behind M’Aimer.

If you have any questions, you can contact Nadia at (760) 230-6546 or by email.

Sorry to report that this charming shop has closed, sometime in late 2007

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