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Monday, June 25, 2007

Feng Shui: Love and the Blissful Bedroom

Your Master Bedroom is considered to be the most important room within your house, namely because it supports such things as health, wealth, love and partnership. Whether your married or single, you can create a bedroom that will support you in long-term love by keeping in mind the following:

1. The function of the space:

Think of your bedroom as a happy haven and a romantic retreat. For starters, the room should not double as a home office or a workout room/gym. (Too distracting.) Move photographs of family & friends to a less private area, such as the East area of your home (or consider creating a photo gallery in one of your hallways for added visual interest). Did you know that the smaller the bedroom, the better? It’s true. A smaller bedroom suggests more intimacy and closeness between a couple.

2. The position of the bed within the bedroom:

Make sure that your bed is not positioned under anything heavy, such as a large ceiling fan or lighting feature. (Heavy = weight & stress which leads to arguments.) Along these same lines, do not site your bed directly below a structural beam, particularly one that runs the length of the ceiling and down the center of the bed, "dividing" a couple. It’s also not favorable (for love or health) to have your bed-head share a wall in which a bathroom or commode resides on the opposite side.

3. The use of symbolism within the bedroom:

The bedroom is the best place to display happy photos of you and your partner. Or select other "romantic" artwork—such as pieces that depict love and partnership rather than, say, a lone individual. (Even a neutral image like two palm trees, side-by-side, would work.) If you do have a larger Master Bedroom, create an intimate seating area for two, or bring in a love seat. (At the very least, move the single chair because it’s sending out the wrong message.) The objective is to create an energetic "pattern" that suggests couplehood & partnership and that will nurture you now and in the future. Enjoy!

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