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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

East Coast Meets West

I am a big fan of San Diego (well, obviously, given this blog), and I often have commented on comparisons of my former life on the East Coast vs. now. Some of that is humorous, and some more serious. That, naturally, is true whenever you move from one part of the country to another, which I have done several times. I expect you have experienced this yourself.

For some reason (perhaps some recent experiences, and the pending visit from a friend who has NEVER been to California) I felt like writing another article about life here as compared to Boston. Some of it was poking fun, but in part it was to provide an educational experience to those readers who might be thinking about moving here (remember, I am a REALTOR(R) so I sometimes veer off in that direction). I am not necessarily encouraging a mass immigration here...we are crowded enough...but some folks WANT to be here and I am happy to help them learn all about it.

So if the mood strikes, you can read my post here...and see my new photo.



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