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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Route 101, a.k.a.The Coastal Highway

Where I live in North County San Diego there are 2 major roads heading north and south.

The 5 is the freeway (I still sometimes call it the highway - a throwback to my many years back East where that is what the big roads are called), of course, which I travel occasionally into the city and when driving to Los Angeles (I generally end up taking it to the 405 up in Orange County).

The other is Route 101, called the Coast or Coastal Highway, that is a more local road along the ocean, running from Oceanside to Torrey Pines (I suppose technically it keep going but has other names). The road actually runs most of the west coast and up in Los Angeles is more of a freeway itself - it's known by a variety of names depending on where you are.

In any case, I have driven the entire length of the road here and, like Route 1, it has an amazing array of things to do along it, in addition to some terrific ocean views (especially near Carlsbad Village, south Encinitas, Cardiff, briefly in north Del Mar and in south Del Mar as you approach Torrey Pines). I find it a better local road to travel if I don't need to go far, and when traffic on the 5 is really ugly it is much faster, despite the lights. And sometimes commuting as a slower pace (unlike 80 mph on the 5) is a good deal. Plus it is another one of the interesting things to do in San Diego.

I wrote a recent article for buyers (especially those who are moving to the area) but also just for people in general who might be curious about all there is to see and do along this local road. Read more about it here...

What do you think about this road?

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