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Monday, October 30, 2006

To Grill or Not to Grill

I am a purist when it comes to grilling, at least I was until I moved to San Diego from Boston 18 months ago.

I love eating grilled food (and most any food, for that matter, especially sweets), and outdoor grilling is a favorite pastime. I guess I learned to grill from my father many years ago, and I have ALWAYS used charcoal. Despite the fact that it takes longer to get ready, and you have to plan a bit in advance, I stoutly refused to entertain the idea of buying, and using, a gas grill. While I prefer warm sunny weather, I've grilled in the rain and the snow (when we lived in Minnesota people used to grill outside in their parkas when it was 20 below), although back East I tended to stop grilling once the really serious winter weather set it.

The house we bought here has an outdoor gas grill, but I remained firm that I wanted to continue the tradition of charcoal grilling. I took the plunge one evening last year when I ran out of charcoal and forgot, so was forced to engage the gas grill. Despite my misgivings, and the fact that the flavors are different (and, I think, it is more complicated and challenging to cook over hot coals than a gas grill you can regulate), I have grown to enjoy the gas grill, although not to the extent that I will give up my Weber. Sometimes I do both, depending on what food I am fixing and how much. I guess it's a small thing, but be able to grill outdoors year-round is just one more thing that makes me a fan of coastal san Diego. How about you?


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