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Friday, November 24, 2006

Post-Thanksgiving and Black Friday

I hope everyone had a great holiday and did not overindulge TOO much. Yesterday started the offical holiday shopping season, since today is Black Friday and many stores started their campaign to rid consumers of as much money as possible in the next 4 weeks late last night.

Last night was historic for me. Not one for shppoing in malls (I do most of mine on-line, with an occassional foray into certain stores), I stoically avoid the Black Friday madness, and shopping in general until about a week before the holiday. My daughter is visiting from LA and wanted to buy a new laptop, so the options on getting a GREAT deal were at CompUSA LAST NIGHT from 9 - midnight, and early this morning (5 AM!!) at Best Buy. For some reason I agreed that I would go along even though I was not planning to buy anything. We opted for CompUSA since it is less than 10 minutes from the house, and 9 PM sounded SOOOO much better than 5 AM.

We got to the store about 8:55 PM - there was already a line of about 150 people!! The line moved fairly quickly until they were filled, then they let new people in as successful shoppers emerged. It took 20 minutes to get inside, and we fairly quickly were able to get the paperwork for the laptop my daugher wanted (fortunately it was not yet sold out, but other buyers were not so lucky). The checkout line was another 45 minutes, but we emerged with a new laptop at a good price with a rebate of about $400 (total cost about 60% of retail). She was pleased and we went home and had dessert.

Would I do it again...hmmm, not sure. As a first experience, and with our success, I guess it felt worthwhile, but I can't see doing that again. And now they (my wife and daughter) are out on Black Friday with the masses - I'm here working and enjoying the peace and quiet.

How about you?


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