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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I Love Seafood (some info on grocery stores)

I am a big seafood fan...and coming from New England, that is probably not a surprise to anyone who has lived or visited there. Boston is known for its seafood and clam chowder. I have found the seafood here in California to be excellent as well. While there are some different fish to enjoy (a good thing), the overall variety and quality has been excellent. Being a big tuna fan, I am always drawn to the Ahi on the menu when out for lunch or dinner (the tuna back east is generally blue fin), and is a favorite of mine for grilling. You might guess that I also am a big sushi fan - not hard to find that here, either, but you can find a pretty broad quality.

Finding good seafood to buy has not been a big problem, although you have to watch where you are buying it and when. The grocery stores in the area (Vons, Albertsons) have decent choices, although sometimes getting good FRESH seafood is tough at certain times of the week, and the prices can be steep. And there are often big differences between different stores (e.g., the Vons at La Costa Avenue is one we stay away from...period). The fish counter at Stater Brothers is good, as is the one at Jimbo's in Carlsbad and at Henry's in Encinitas. The overall quality seems better, with more choices, although sometimes the prices are a little higher, but well worth it.

The best place we have found for fresh seafood is at Fish House Vera Cruz in Carlsbad (they also have a store/restaurant in San Marcos and one in Temecula). There is a good family style seafood restaurant there - no frills, but good simply-prepared fish - but their seafood counter is terrific. Huge selection, with lots of unique fish you don't often find elsewhere (tombo, yellowtail, ono, among others whoses names I can't recall) and their prices are the best. Any great places you have found we should know about?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pelly's in Carlsbad is excellent for fresh fish and chowder, especially the loco-moco.

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