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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Let me say it right up front - I am not a surfer. Nor is it likely I will ever step onto a surfboard, despite having moved to a part of the country where it is so popular, and so much in evidence daily.

As a casual observer, I have to admit the whole surfing culture fascinates me. And since I don't surf, I don't expect to understand, or really appreciate, the influence that surfing has had here. While surfing is popular back East where I used to live, especially in some areas (such as on Cape Cod in Massachusetts), it does not have the kind of impact that is so apparent here, nor is there the history associated with the growth of the sport which Southern California is known for.

Surfing has been a part of the growth of a number of coastal towns (Encinitas, especially Leucadia, Cardiff, and Carlsbad, as well as more southerly towns including Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach) for decades. There are numerous surfing shops scattered along the coast, as well as restaurants that cater to the surfing enthusiast. And learning how to surf has become big business, as witnessed by the many instructors and surfing schools for kids and adults.

For those of you have have not been here, it is common to see surfers at every time of the day, and every day, scattered along Highway 101 and other local streets, making use of the many beaches known for the best surfing - Swami's in Encinitas being just one example. And there is a huge environmental component, with erosion causing problems with many of the area's beaches, and the growth of the Surfrider Organization, dedicated to the preservation of, and access to, beaches here and elsewhere in the world.

I love this aspect of being in San Diego, even though I have no interest in climbing on a surfboard. It's a large part of what makes Southern California such a popular place to live and enjoy the beaches and beautiful weather that we sometimes take for granted. While you may not be an enthusiast, you have to appreciate the tremendous influence, and the daily presence, of surfing in our area. And admire those who take surfing so seriously.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is in reply to the article today “Swell of nostalgia due at surfboard auction”. If anyone were to look more closely, these surfboards are far more than nostalgia. It is about a family, a history, a legacy of a man who was the whole world to his children.

About family, legacy and history, there are two other children of the late Philip Castagnola Sr., Michelle and Philip Castagnola Jr. Michelle and Philip were 19 and 14 respectively when their father died, Andrew was 4 months old. Michelle and Philip lived, loved and knew their father. Unfortunately Andrew did not. After Phil Sr.’s death, Kelly Castagnola (Andrew’s mother, not the mother of Michelle and Philip), requested (of Michelle and Philip) to keep these specific surfboards for Andrews heritage. Michelle and Philip reluctantly agreed because the purpose was to preserve their fathers’ legacy.

It is shameful to sell a families legacy and history with the false pretence of a “college education”. While it may be true that Andrew Castagnola does not want his late fathers legacy and history, it is unreasonable to think he needs it for his college education. Andrew is a smart young man, a minority and has a deceased parent, whereby he should be eligible for several state and federal grants as well as scholarships, like his half sister did for her education. Not to mention family trust from Rose Castagnola, Andrew’s grandmother who passed on in 1983, five years before Andrew was born.

Whom ever buy these boards, please consider what you have, while it may be a collection to you it is family for Michelle and Philip.

Michelle Castagnola, MBAM

10:59 AM  

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