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Monday, May 14, 2007

Feng Shui For Real Estate: How to put the appeal back in Curb Appeal

As many real estate agents know, most potential buyers decide within the first 30 seconds whether a house is right for them or not—nothing like a little pressure, right?

Interestingly, in Feng Shui the most important area of a house isn’t located indoors but, rather, it’s the front walkway that leads up to the main entrance and front door. This area is used to "capture interest" and intrigue guests to the point of wanting to see more. Ideally visitors should connect with this area on all levels—and through all senses—sight, scent and sound. When you combine the common denominators of curb appeal with Feng Shui you’ve got a valuable focal point when it comes to staging (and enhancing) the outer expression of your listing, and creating an experience that potential buyers will remember.

Feng Shui uses techniques such as subtle symbolism to direct opportunities (—offers—) into a house, rather than away. Everything (including your real estate signage and flyers) has its place which helps to create a sense of balance and convey a story. To discover how Feng Shui can be an asset to your business, have your office manager schedule a "Feng Shui for Real Estate" lecture, or contact Feng Shui Resource to schedule a consultation.

Wishing you happiness and success,

Feng Shui Resource

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