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Friday, February 16, 2007

Possible Area Code Change for 760

Yikes. What are they talking about here. A new number? A bunch of new numbers? When will this happen. WILL it happen?

Yep, the California Public Utilities Commission's Telecommunications Division is looking into some changes since we are running out of phone numbers in the 760 area code. You have probably already heard about this, but perhaps not.

I have been through this before when I lived back east. And I'm kinda surprised this has not come up out here til now. One of the changes we went through (actually a couple of times) was to add new area codes in the Boston area - this happened more than once. It took some getting used to. But another thing that happened at a different time was we were then required to enter the entire number (including area code) even when dialing within the area. Now that was weird. But we got used to it. 1+area code+7 digit number.

So then I came out here and, lo and behold, I just dial my 7-digit 760 needed (although every now and then on my cell I need to use it). I still have a tendency to add the 760 from time to time. Guess it's for practice.

Well, a planning meeting was held in October 2006 and as a result they established public meetings - there is one in Carlsbad being held on the 21st of this month. It appears there are a couple of options that they expect to issue a decision on at the end of 2007 - one option is to add an area code, 442, and they will decide which side of the split line gets to keep 760 and which gets the new number.

You can read more about the proposed changes and questions on the CPUC site.

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