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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Place Bistrot in La Jolla

I wanted to share another restaurant that I tried recently that was a great find in La Jolla. [photo taken at the Torrfey Pines Hang Gliderport - La Jolla itself is off in the distance - it was not such a nice dya, as you can see]

My Place, a French bistrot at 7777 Girard Avenue in La Jolla (several blocks east of Prospect, between Silverado and Kline), was a delightful find. Quite frankly I am not sure we would have tried it, or even found out about it, if it weren't for the restaurant discount coupons we found on And I certainly did not expect a French place with that name...but what a great surprise.

The food was terrific, and a fairly good representation of bistrot food. The interior was charming (due to my mother-in-law accompanying us we opted to eat inside and not out in the sun). The service was attentive, the music was all French, and one could surely imagine dining on the Left Bank in Paris (the wait person we had that night WAS French although I understand that is not true of all staff). But who cares.

What was especially nice, in addition to good food, is that it was friendly, pleasantly decorated, and off the main drag in La Jolla that tends to be somewhat pretentious and overdone. And a bit on the touristy side for my taste.

I don't have a photo since I did not have my camera (my bad...). Next time. And there WILL be a next time. I recommend you try it out for a casual dinner of good food that is well priced and a good value, considering the town it is is.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm moving to san diego in the fall. Do you have any recommendations in terms of location? Something right on the coast would be amazing, but I'm not too familiar with the are.

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11:32 AM  
Blogger Jeff Dowler said...

Well I love living in the coastal town so I can get to the beach easily. Part of where you live will depend on commuting to work adn what you can afford to spend.

I live in Carlsbad and love being here. I can get downtown (NON rush hour) in a little over 30 minutes, but an hour during rush hour). There are lots of rentals here. Encinitas (and the Leucadia area) are also neat. Both areas have a real beach-town feel, especially Leucadia. If you want to be in the center of all the action, downtown San Diego may be the place. it is very walkable. I also like Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach as beach towns.

Check out for the rentals in San Diego to get a good idea of prices in different areas. Good luck!


11:46 AM  

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